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Tours Packages

At the Travel Scene when it come to tours we care about the people we serve.

When you purchase one of our tours you will travel to places you have only heard or read about and see sites that are part of a rich heritage. Many of these places still hold the spirit of struggle and the victory of endurance. From a time when the labors of many created great wealth for a few, to the era of the movement that liberated America, our numerous tours serve as reminders of the pioneers of this land.

After returning home and are recalling sights, sound and smells; whether you're remembering the striking view of a special landmark, the laughter of the people you were with or the alluring aroma of ethnic foods, this time is forever etched in your mind. We want also to etch that this was the best tour you have ever experienced.

I invite you to sit back and relax for every arrangement is made for your comfort, every detail is attended to for your traveling pleasure.

Tour Packages For Review:

The Underground Railroad Experience

The New Orleans And More Tour

The Southern Coastal Heritage Tour

A Glimpse of the New South Tour

The Civil Rights Movement-An American Revolution Tour

The Sugar Bowl Game Package

Washington DC Tour Package

The Heritage Tour

More to come!

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