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At the Travel Scene we care about the people we serve. Our commitment since our founding in 1982 is based on combining superb personalized service, a quality product and excellent value for the dollar. Our highest priority is to insure that clients have an experience that is exciting, fun-filled, educational and memorable. At the Travel Scene Tours, we are focused on providing affordable services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction & we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. With a variety of offerings:

Group Travel Experts…

Whether you travel with friends, family, a club, organization, association or church, we make it easy to travel as a group. Traveling with people who share a common interest, we lead you through the simple process of developing and promoting your cruise or tour. You enjoy the invaluable benefit of time-tested experience, ample free time to explore your destination the way you want, and longer stays in key cities so that you immerse yourself in the local culture. Group travel.

Specialty & Adventure travel…

Whether your interest is archeology, birdwatching, a camel safari, fishing, garden tours, hiking, whale watching, golf or wine tasting, our specialty travel knowledge and products are the best in the world. No special interest and adventure travel is outside of our reach.

Student travel…

Our approach provides the opportunity for students to learn, dance, sing, play, sweat, laugh, chow down and write home about. They travel to places they have only heard or read about and see sites that are part of rich heritages giving them a deeper understanding of a particular place, era, person or event. Lives have truly been changed.

Cruises & individual travel…

We are a full service tour, cruise and travel management company providing service to both individuals and groups.

Whether you’re a returning guest or considering traveling with us for the first time, you can trust Travel Scene to give you the travel experience of a lifetime. After returning home from one of our tour or cruise packages, we want etched in your mind that this was the best I have ever experienced.

I invite you to sit back and relax, for every arrangement is made for your comfort, every detail is attended to for your traveling pleasure. 

Why us?

It is always the best value with us.

We pledge to utilize the very best vendors whenever possible, always keeping quality our first priority.

Your tour guides are professionals, residents of each destination, experts to local history and will smoothly direct you around their area.

Hotel check-in hassle's are eliminated, you are always pre-registered....rooms are assigned and pre-keyed.

We realize that free time is important... our planners try to give you as much free time as possible.

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